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Our company was founded in growing organic veggies (Alpine Organic Farm) in the Rocky Mountain Climate with 4 large passive solar greenhouses. This technology captures and magnifies the sun’s energy passively, simply by design. Since it’s inception Alpine has designed and produced 150+ passive solar greenhouses. To put it simply, we are the leader In our field of small to medium passive solar greenhouse design and production. We perform design, site orientation, custom consulting, DIY kits and also custom build for our customers. We are very passionate about both growing and building, and never cease to be amazed at the power if the sun!

Since we live and work in the Rocky Mountains, both us and our greenhouses are designed to work in adverse conditions of heat, cold, rain, wind, hail and snow. Our greenhouses are warranted against hail for 10 years. They are designed to withstand winds above 100 mph and for heavy snow loads of 80lbs per square foot. They are fully automated so they cool and heat without any effort each and every day.

What Our Customers Say

In early 2019 I bought a 10 by 12 passive solar greenhouse from Alpine Greenhouses.  Dave shipped it to me in Oregon. The assembly was straight forward and the greenhouse has exceeded my performance expectations.  The vents automatically open to keep the temperature below 90 degrees while the sun is shining, including in the winter. The overnight winter temperatures will normally maintain at 38 to 42 degrees and have never yet dropped to freezing.  I have an auxiliary propane heater inside but have not yet needed to use it. I’m amazed how it captures the solar heat even on a very overcast winter day. This design is well engineered and the product is a pleasure to use. I highly recommend it.

Eldon Spradling, Ashland Oregon


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