Custom Greenhouse Consulting

🍅  Over 10 years of experience in design and construction of passive solar greenhouses

🍅  Custom design offerings for any situation or location

🍅  Experience with structures ranging from 2’ x 6’ to 45’ x 75′

🍅  Extensive knowledge with PSG exhaust fans, ventilation, circulation, and evaporative cooling

🍅  Over 10,000 hours of PSG experience

🍅  150+ individual greenhouses planned and built

🍅  Knowledgeable in aspects of greenhouse planning, raised bed design, hydroponic and aquaponic systems, drip irrigation and shelving

🍅  200+ greenhouses from other manufacturers repaired/restored


Let us bring 10 years of building experience along with 350 greenhouses built or repaired. We can do a site visit and recommend the best South facing areas on your property. Elevation or excavation of the greenhouse is possible. Orientation based on solar exposure, trees, rocks, buildings and topography.

Design with the greenhouse as the focal point for gardens and an orchard for major food production at your home. Integration with chickens and animals including barns, shelter and fencing. Interior design of the greenhouse for vertical growing on the North wall with shelving and raised beds below. In the remainder of the interior raised bed design including walkways, citrus trees, relaxation areas, yoga studios, etc.

Our consultation takes into consideration your personal style and needs, including cooking, location nearest to the kitchen, time spent on the property, clearing the greenhouse of snow, and matching existing architecture. 

Consulting Fee is $400/hour

If you would like to purchase an Alpine product please contact us via EMAIL or TEXT. We will be happy to send you an invoice through QUICKBOOKS which you can easily pay online. Quickbooks’s accepts credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo or ACH bank payments.


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