Ready-To-Grow Greenhouses

Our Ready-to-Grow Passive Solar Greenhouses are pre-floor planned designs that we build onsite at your home! We take care of material transportation and installation and within 4-8 weeks, you’ll be Ready-to-Grow!

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Items Not INcluded with kits

Each kit contains everything needed for the entire greenhouse except items listed below. The kits also include a list of materials, detailed instructions, a full set of architectural plans, and unlimited phone and email support. Lumber, corrugated metal, and door are not included and can be purchased locally.

dd sawing logs

The cedar 4x4s can be placed directly on the ground; no foundation necessary.

do it yourself greenhouses

The interior of the North wall will be insulated by reflective foil and 1.5" of insulation. This creates a large solar mirror that reflects the sun into the gravel and floor, creating a 10 - 15,000 pound solar heat sink. 

do it yourself greenhouse

The exterior of the north wall is covered in corrugated aluminum siding.

do it yourself greenhouse

The door can be located on either the east or west wall, depending on your preference.  The opposite wall gets a window and a vent.

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Greenhouses Available as DIY Kits or We Build On-Site

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