What To Expect When The Project Begins

– A level and dry foundation area near the kitchen is usually where we start. If the ground needs leveling that requires hand digging or a machine to move soil. All plants/grass need to be removed before construction starts. If Alpine has to level the ground there is an additional charge and time scheduled for this at $1,000 per day.

– Machines usually have tracked systems for stability, and these tracks tend to tear up the ground. If a yard hydrant line (water) needs to be dug by the homeowner or a plumber, that requires trenching 5-6’ deep and that earth is stored to the side of the trench covering 12’ wide by the length of the trench. The trench settles after the earth covers the water line. Electrical lines also require trenching however only 3’ deep. Usually the same excavated trench can be used for water and electrical at different depths. After trenching the area needs to be hand raked or reseeded for landscaping. We want to emphasize the machines tend to TEAR UP the ground and grass. 

– The foundation needs to be filled with gravel or a sand/gravel mix after it is completed. This requires a dump truck to be able to navigate to the foundation and dump directly into the rectangular perimeter. WARNING: DUMP TRUCKS CAN WEIGH 60,000 – 100,000 POUNDS!

– Alpine prefers if homeowners have all water lines and electrical installed before we start work. However, if we are leveling the area for you we can use the same machines to excavate the trench for water and power. If Alpine is building your greenhouse we install the gravel and manage the delivery.

– Once the ground has been leveled, then the 4”x4” foundation/anchoring is installed. At this point hardware cloth can be placed on the ground to block ground squirrels and gophers from tunneling underneath. Insulation can also be installed however it is not necessary due to solar heat generation. If the greenhouse is in a windy location concrete piers can be dug from inside the foundation footprint, with anchors bolted into the concrete and 4×4’s.

– After foundation, gravel, water, and power are installed, the remaining construction does not require machinery, only foot traffic and ladders.

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