Greenhouses available as DIY Kits plus on-site consulting


🍅  Grow year round easily, anywhere in the world (grow citrus trees, exotic plants, etc.).

🍅  Experience. We have sold/built 150+ Alpine greenhouses and repaired 200+ non-alpine designed greenhouses over the last 10 years.

🍅  Fully automated venting, heating, and cooling. You do not need to be there everyday.

🍅  All equipment/systems/controls are included in the price. Conventional greenhouses do not include everything.

🍅   Grow 2-3 times the amount of food within the same footprint due to tall vertical North wall design.

🍅  Save 80% on heating cost compared to a conventional greenhouse. Passive Solar design creates FREE heat directly from the sun.

🍅  Waterproof and wind proof. Built for heavy wind and snow. The Caribbean design will withstand Hurricanes up to Category 3.

🍅  Built to perform well in heat with our custom shade system.

🍅  Pays for itself in food production in 4-7 years. Grow 3 crops in the same space within 1 years time.

🍅  Grow anywhere in the world up to 4572m (15,000 ft) altitude.

🍅 Conventional greenhouses cost $200 – $2,000/month to heat during winter in the Rocky Mountains (Alpine Greenhouses cost $20 – $200/month)

    The Story Of Alpine’s Origins

    The stop-motion animation above was made by The Sisters Bloom in Kalispell, MT. Each piece and part of the video is made from grocery store waste, for example the trees are shredded produce bags. We cannot thank the Blooms enough for their creativity!


    The Sisters Bloom Website

    What We Do

    Alpine Greenhouses is a cold climate passive solar greenhouse manufacturer, consultant, and material distribution company. Via our state-of-the-art cold climate passive solar greenhouse models, we help cold weather gardeners stretch the growing season into times of the year that they never thought were possible! Our greenhouse structures harness both the Earth and Sun’s heat to grow lush and wholesome fruits, vegetables, and herbs!

    How Passive Solar Greenhouses Work

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    Follow us on our adventures as we help folks to literally bring their dreams to life!

    Eldon about his 10′ x 12′ Kit


    “The assembly was straight forward and the greenhouse has exceeded my performance expectations. I’m amazed how it captures the solar heat even on a very overcast winter day. This design is well engineered and the product is a pleasure to use. I highly recommend it.”

    Eldon in Ashford, OR

    Shauna about her 10′ x 16′ RTG

    “ I’m not even sure where to begin on how much I love this greenhouse. I could talk your ear off about the function and design and how each little detail has been thought through in-depth. But for my family, this sturdy little structure is so much bigger than it’s four walls. It’s our place to create, relax, to dream of warmer days in the middle of February and yes, the place where we grow our food. It’s also the first stop for almost everything in our little CSA startup, Good Mama Farm, be it seedlings or full-grown tomatoes. It floors me every time I walk through the door that this little work-horse can provide so much to so many.”

    Shauna in Pony, MT

    Bob about his 10′ x 30′ PSG

    “Viv and I started collecting materials to build our own energy efficient greenhouse, when we saw one of Alpine’s assembled units. Alpine designed and built a greenhouse that used methods and materials that were tried and tested, much better than us doing it from scratch! They installed a ground based geothermal system in ours that lets us operate year-round with minimum energy inputs.”

    Bob in Bozeman, MT

    Josh about his 12′ x 16′ Kit

    “On December 15th, 2021 Colorado Springs, Colorado got record breaking winds in excess of 96 mile an hour gusts. As sad as it was to lose so many beautiful old trees blown over in our city, I was very happy that our Alpine greenhouse stood without any damage. During the storm I was of course very concerned about the greenhouse, and maybe not the smartest thing on my behalf, I stood in it to see its structural integrity. I was amazed that it was as sound as my house. As I stood there watching I observed my neighbors 85′ blue spruce topple on to the roof of his house, and of course I ran to help my elderly neighbors. Thanks you AlpineGH for walking me through this build!”

    Josh in Colorado Springs, CO

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